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Hi Jason, The Niche Browser is an amazing tool for Internet Marketers. The ability to search across a wide array of resources such as eBay, Amazon, as well as the major search engines opens up so many possibilities. I can even dig up product reviews using the Epinions button. All in all, your Niche Browser is the ultimate dashboard for doing niche research and as a software developer by profession, I'm in awe at what you've put together here. Great job!

Rich Rojas



Hi Jason, This is an awesome tool. It should be illegal to have a tool like this. I have used it lots over the past couple months when setting up new sites for myself and customers. Please don't tell too many people about it as it should be kept under wraps.

Tim Apps




dave mark
Surprisingly enough, NichBrowser is actually one of the few marketing tools out there that is actually helpfull in day to day SEO/marketing campaign activities. If you're a webmaster then you know how many so called helpfull tools are being sold that are pure junk. So imagine my shock when a low cost tool comes along that actually does do what it says. I use the NicheBrowser regularly and it's a big help.

Dave Mark



Hi Jason,

I just wanted to let you know what a great product Niche Browser really is. I have left exactly TWO testimonials in my life because I don't believe in hype. The first one was for XsitePro and now yours. Niche Browser is actually one of the few products I actually use over and over again.

Chris W. Sutton



Jason, Niche Browser is simply amazing. I have been using it for several months now and it's great for locating PDF files and other file types by keyword. I also use it to locate my competitors' websites for a particular keyword or phrase and then use the related sites button to find other sites I can exchange links with. Niche Browser has become a useful very tool that I use most every day. Thanks

Barry Reeves



Hi Jason! I thought I'd write you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy using Niche Browser... I try to block off an hour or so every 10 days to research new markets, brainstorm ideas, or find holes that need filling in otherwise oversaturated niches. There are just so many features of this program that it seems I see or experience a new level every time I'm working with Niche Browser. It takes me to a whole new level of experiencing the internet and the opportunities within. Thanks again!

Laura Childs

Market research the "old way" meant dozens of browsers open simlutaneously, mass chaos and valuable time wasted. Market research the "new way" using Niche Browser has saved me so many headaches not to mention time. This tool is a must have for anyone serious about marketing!

Wes Wilkenson


Hi Jason, I have enjoyed using NicheBrowser. It greatly simplifies research on any topic at all. The tool enables me to quickly drill down to the relavant bullet points. My articles sound authoritative because they are authoritative.

Charles Kilmer


Hello Mr M. I have just started to use the Niche Browser and let me tell you it has helped me a great deal. I love tools that make my business become effortless. Niche Browser has performed perfectly. (Great tool a must have.)
Robert Sherlock


Great Product Jason!

I was actually surprised that you didn't put a huge price tag on it from the beginning. This tool is simply amazing!! Kudos! Keep up the good work!



Jason . . Your Niche Browser is "The Most Fantastic Tool" I have used in a very long time. I am in the process of writing an ebook and now with the Niche Browser I can do all the research I need to do right from my desktop among so many other things Niche Browser can do. This definitely a MUST HAVE tool for everyone.

Barbara Fischer


Yo J-Mo! Niche Browser is pretty awesome man, it makes researching a LOT easier. The best part is you can switch between different sites, like amazon, and ebay, etc when you are researching a market. Researching a market has always been my weak point... and... although I'm not that great at it yet - NicheBrowser is Definitely helping!

Caleb Osborne


I thought this was gonna be a scam. Its not. No spyware. No glorified affiliate directory. Just an Internet Marketers dream. Its all there!



Niche Browser is the only way TO SEARCH for Niches or anything else for that matter. Niche Browser "covers the waterfront" when it comes to Niches and then .. "IT GIVES YOU THE WORLD !!" with just one click. Great Product JMo Best regards.

Harry Crowder


Thanks for Niche-Browser, Jason, It saves me tons of time digging up info for my self and my clients. It has easily replaced a whole bunch of separate tools that I used to have to open up one at a time. Now I only have to Niche-Browse. Wow, how easy.

Dale Dahlgren 


Hey Jason, Nice running into you at Frank and Ed's in San Diego. I wanted to write to send you a little note to tell you how sick niche browser really is. I can scoop up all the info I nedd to put together a cool infosite on any niche I want. The interface is smooth and the way it runs is top dog. Thanks, mon, for coming up with such a slick tool for my online armory.

Michael A.


I do a lot of research on the internet. Compared to the earlier (and more tedious) way of researching the web for finding information I want, I am able to have my research done faster, and compile information from more sources than ever before. The convenience of having it all in one easy to use software has added, no, make it multiplied, my productivity manyfold. Thanks for this wonderful research tool.





NicheBrowser is one of those tools that can realy make a difference to your productivity when researching on the web. It has helper me to pull together information that you would not find any other way! Fantastic!

N Platten


Thanks for creating NicheBrowser Jason. Now I don't have to so much time on all those tedious tasks and can get back to the Poker Tables where my time is better spent ;-)



Great software, tremendous help finding info needed!

Gary Moore


The tool is wonderful!

Pius Ephenus


Hi Jason: Niche Browser has turned my search world into an Easy Button. Just type in the search and it searches everywhere. Thanks for a great piece of software.

Hazen Hoffpauir


there is heaps and heaps of incorporated features. Everything you can find by going to individual search engines. Niche Browser however brings everything into one application area which saves a lot of time if used

Rory McKay


Hey Jason I've used Niche Browser quite a lot for doing research on some niche projects and i love it! It really makes the whole process so much more simple. Cool stuff bro!

Yuri Linzew


WOW...I've only just started to play around with NicheBrowser but already it feels like an awesome tool that I can make good use of.



Jason, Niche Browser takes technology by the tail and SHAKES IT! Search across different Search Engines can be a "Royal" pain...Niche Browser restores the Royal without the pain! Great Tool! Great Job!

Rich Joyce 


Hey Jason, The niche brower is one of the best products I have ever used to reasearch anything on the net. There was a little bit of a learning curve when first using it, but once I learned my way around it, I can't imagine doing niche research without it. GREAT JOB

Paul Tagger


Thanks Jason! Amazing tool saves me so much time having everything right there. So versatile...I'm impressed!



Great Product! Makes my job so much easier. If you need to research a niche, product or just an idea this is for you.

Randy Burke


I just love Niche Browser. It's like having your own personal internet at your finger tips. It gives you Web, World, Images, Audio, Video, Word, Reference, News, RSS/Blog, Shopping, Travel, Health, Entertainment and Tech searches all right there before your very own eyes. I mean I can go on and on about how wonderful this amazing tool has become in my daily life online. The magic doesn't stop there. A MUST-HAVE TOOL!

Rusty Kaohelaulii


NicheBrowser is a great tool. I am not much of a techie and tend to get bogged down going from menu to menu. Your toolbar simplified that for me. Thiswill be one of my favorite tools.

Dave Boulay


Hey Jason; NicheBrowser is one super easy tool to use and can save you tons of time! Thanks, only you could come up with another great piece of software to use.
Rick ONeill


Great program makes searching and reasearching keywords so much easier, Thanks for a fabulous product.

Michelle James


Hi Jason. All I can say is 'Wow'. I downloaded Niche Browser with the sole intent to play with it then I found out just how much time it saved me for my new niche membership are my Hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Georjina Sinese


Hi Jason. Thank You for Your "Niche Browser" it's a Great Tool. I use it most of the time - it's priceless for searching all the Search Engines that are on there- and all the Keywords it can bring up in seconds - You should be charging quite a bit for this Invalueable Software. Have a Great day, John.

John Caldecott


Judy Webb
Kool tool and since I am in the process of setting up a new online business...I have found this to be the prefect tool for my research and development. Love the color, too! Thanks for allowing me access.


Hi Jason, Just wondering if the freebie you've given us, aka the Niche Browser, is so powerful, what the paid version will be like! The Niche Browser is absolutely a must-have tool in everyone's tool box. We're lucky to have it!

Dr. Kang-pang Chan 


I never knew such thing existed! It cut short the time I took to do research for my niche site. At the same time it makes all those hidden gems appear. A must for a great site!

Lela Iskandar


What can I Really say? WOW... I'm glad that I was able to get this when I did. I would gladly pay for it, now that I know how easy it is, and all the features that are included. It's mind boggeling, and will be a long time before I use all the stuff in it. The KING of Browsers. Way ta go, My Man...

Frederick Rosenstiel


I have used the NicheBrowser since it came out and it does everything I want in a way of researching items and compare selling on eBay and various other sites. It keeps me up to date with marketing news and whats on the cutting edge of marketing/ selling and tools. Nichebrowser lots of links that may your niche ideas you may want. I encourage anyone who going to "sell" get Now! while its available to you. Lots of sites entice you to spend your money and woo its a piece of garbage. Not NicheBrowser the value is here folks. Don't pass this by, you kick yourself if you do. Happy niching!



This has to be one of the most extensive search tools i've evere seen!

David   UK


This is a superb creation . i think its really a good pick for internet marketers. it is definately going to give great results i believe the easy to use method is a plus point for users.
Jay Raj


Hey Jason, Niche Browser has got to be one of the most influential tools in finding niches. It hardly looks useful at first glance, but upon using it, it just blows some of the other niche finding softwares outta of the water! Can't do without it now.
Jerome Hasley


I like how nichebrowser lets you see results of what I was looking for with a click of a button. Not to mention the time it saves from the information it gathers without having to manually open new sites, one by one in a tedius manner. This tool is a time saver from what normally took minutes, down to a couple of seconds with a click of a button.
Angel Diaz


A wonderful browser! I tried to use VRE Toolbar and others in Firefox first. But NicheBrowser has sooo many tools in one program - very, very handy.
Bonda Tan


Jason, all I can say is WOW! You have really overdelivered on NicheBrowser. It is such a time saver and is actually fun to use. I find myself using it not only for business use but anytime I want to find anything on the internet. Well done!
Jason L


Superb piece of software, a must have for anyone starting out in the industry.



Niche browser takes the pain out of my web marketing research. Everything I need for efficient, superfast results is right at my fingertips.

Carl Huxley


Niche Browser is an awesome tool to speed up the process of researching any niche. Best of all, Jason walks you through the process of using it to it's fullest potential.
Jan Bagchus


Hi JMo, many thanks for creating the NicheBrowser... I have used it many times and still do to find bonuses and interesting tidbits for my blogs and to give away to my subscribers. Thanks heaps, I love it! I don't know what I did before, but I certainly couldn't do without it now :-)
Lise Carter


Definitely a must-have for folks involved in Internet Marketing and hoping to search for that elusive niche and related keywords! The Niche Browser is a breeze to use and it's one of the tools I use most of the time. Thanks Jason...
Gal M.


Hello, I've been using NicheBrowser for several months and I find it particularly useful for searching for pictures and short videos which I use with my off line business. It's also great for researching niches as it's name suggests. Great product.
Mark Lewis 


Hi Jason, Just want to say your niche browser has really been a God-Send for doing research on niches. You could basically find anything you want on the net with this tool. Thanks for bringing it to us.


Just wanted to say a massive thanks J. Mo NicheBrowser ROCKS. Its everything anybody interested in niche marketing needs. I cant believe the time ive been wasting searching the internet. Now I use NicheBrowser I can search In half the time and get much better results. My Internet buisness Is finally taking off and I'm putting all down to NicheBrowser.
Andrew Alford


Jason, NicheBrowser is an awesome tool! Everything is right there! Thank you so much! I sent it to all my friends that have an internet biz.



Niche Browser is the ultimate search tool for finding otherwise hidden niches. The scope of this browser is breathtaking. For example. You can enter a search term as you normally would in a search engine and get back your answer. But in Niche Browser you can go a lot further as it will allow you to search connected items such as PDF's, Videos, articles, techniques, tips and a host of others connected to your original search term. It's a dream to use!
Joe Watson


Hi Jason, This is a goldmine in the right hands. I use it daily for all my searches and it makes it a snap.


There are so many search features built into NicheBrowser that I haven't even used all of them yet. And they're all in one place! Honestly, you could just take six minutes, enter a search term, randomly click through just a couple of different search options, and end up saying, "Holy crap! I never would have found some of this information in six months!" This kicks the living shee-ut out of any search tool I've ever used, bar none.

Doug Smith, Idaho Falls, ID


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